Allow Yourself To Be A Beginner…

Allow Yourself to be a Beginner…No one Starts off At Excellent !

It can be intimidating trying a new fitness class – whether it be spin, yoga, zumba, bootcamp!   The thoughts that often enter the mind – What if I can’t? (don’t worry you can!!)  Will I be the only new one in the class? (probably not!!) What? 45 minutes OMG!!  (trust me the time flies) What if I need to take a break?  (take one! it’s all good) Will I be centered out for not keeping up? (absolutely NOT)  Most of you are nodding your heads because you are there or were there !! :)   Trust me this is totally normal!!!!

We at the studio stress how important it is to pace yourself….as a new member trying a class for the first time – you need to remember that you aren’t going to maintain a pace that everyone around you is maintaining – and you shouldn’t try !!   This leads to frustration, possible injury and disappointment!!!   Fitness classes are all progressions and the joy you will experience the first time you can stand on the a spin bike for 30 seconds, or hold downward dog for “that long”, or finish all of “ice ice baby” is priceless !!!

When coming to a new class it’s always recommended to arrive 15 minutes early – some classes (like spin) require bike set up that the instructor will assist you with…giving yourself time to get some one on one instruction prior to class is most helpful!   Coming early and prepping for class allows the classes to start on time and allows time for questions too !!    Once you get 4 or 5 classes under your belt you will have a better sense of the routines and you will get fit and have so much fun I guarantee it !!!!!!

When coming to a class always bring some water, maybe a towel for the cardio classes, mats for yoga and bootcamp, dress comfy and prepare to have fun!!

Studio Twenty has the BEST instructors in this area !!!  They spend countless hours prepping their classes so that you get an amazing workout and you have fun too !!!!!

We also have the BEST members in this area !!
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We want you to have an amazing experience at the Studio!!

Studio Twenty Team