Run & Power Yoga !!!

New this summer…

Running Group and POWER YOGA

Do you want to get outside and try something new, join the Studio Twenty Running group followed by Power Yoga.

Every Monday evening and Thursday morning this summer with Alicia.

Alicia will clock the distance covered and since it’s outdoor running, wear proper footwear, sun protection, hydration, etc.  As we will be sweaty from the run, a mat towel is suggested (for on top of the yoga mat) – and more water!!!  

8 Week Session Being Held


MONDAYS evenings:  7:00pm-7:30pm run followed
by 7:30pm-8:15pm power yoga

THURSDAYS mornings:  8:30am-9:00am run followed
by 9:00am-9:45am power yoga

8 weeks June 23rd   to   August 25 th

 3 Options :

Run & Power Yoga – $120 for 8 weeks
Power Yoga ONLY – $80 for 8 weeks
Run ONLY – $40 for 8 weeks

  Call 905 892 2920 or Email

** If you want to use your punch card to pay and have enough on your card we can allow for punches off your card as full or partial payment**