I’m Into Spin, But Are The Shoes A Must?

If you want to burn more calories, yes, you should strap on Spinning shoes. That’s not just my bias as a certified Spin instructor. Cleats lock feet into pedals so you’re working leg muscles through your entire stroke — pushing down and pulling up — plus, the stiff soles encourage you to bike with a flat foot, generating max speed and power. Love fest aside, indoor-cycling shoes can be tricky to buy. Most don’t come with cleats. Ask your go-to studio if its pedals are SPD- or Look-compatible, then shop for a pair with the right cleats at a specialty store.

Cycling shoes have a stiff sole ~ they don’t allow your feet to bend while pedaling.


The reason for this is so that more of your leg power is applied directly to the pedals instead of being absorbed in the flexing of your feet ~ which contributes to rider fatigue. 

Cycling shoes also have a place where a cleat can be screwed to the bottom of the shoe that engages with a clipless pedal. The word “clipless” is kind of an oxymoron considering that you’re actually clipped into the pedal. I think the name is in reference to the old toe clip method…

Anyway, clipless is good. You will be able to apply power to the pedals throughout the entire pedal stroke instead of just mashing down on them. If you ever go mountain biking, clipless pedals also keep your feet on the pedals in rough terrain.

No matter what your riding style is, cycling shoes will help you ~ especially if you go to clipless. Once you get used to them you will never want to ride without them again.  I guarantee it!